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"Some people cherish a special dream. And this dream is meant to be dreamt.

The dream itself is all about a dream.

And when you question and confront it you will notice that it isn't a dream after all. Sometimes it's important to simply let people dream."




RZK Audio is the brainchild of Richard Z. Kruspe.

Describing Richard Z. Kruspe in a few words is not an easy thing. Most people know Richard as the guitarist of Rammstein, but not everybody knows that he also founded the band. Richard was born in East Germany in 1967 and bought his first guitar in Czechoslovakia.

When he was young, he was moving around a lot and sometimes even slept on park benches. As he didn’t know a lot of people, all he did was learn to play the guitar and write music. "It was a very lonely time“ he remembers.
Richard left his first band “Orgasm Death Gimmick” to start a new project to create something completely new and unique. He established Rammstein in 1994. After some years, Richard moved out from Berlin to New York to breathe easier. Being a guitarist in Rammstein wasn’t enough for his huge creativity, so Richard formed the band "Emigrate“ to channel his inspiration beyond Rammstein and also to experience singing lead vocals with a new project.

Richard is driven by passion for music and sounds. Back in Berlin, he invented a microphone robot that allowed engineers, to rotate the microphone to the „sweet spot“ while recording guitars without leaving their chair.

When Richard was working with ESP Guitars on a new signature model, he designed and invented the "Burnt“ look that is now a trademark on all of his guitars, live and in the studio.

Richard founded RZK Audio after receiving many requests from fans and guitar players around the world who wanted to learn about his sound.

RZK Audio will bring exclusive gear designed by the man himself to all who are interested worldwide. From straps to strings, picks to cables, and guitars to amps, RZK Audio will bring connoisseurs of the Richard Kruspe Signature closer to reaching their goal and to experience new horizons.

 Richard lived in New York for 10 years and is now back in Berlin.